Train Running Status of Running Trains Indian Railways

Online train enquiry site users arrive here to find latest status of running trains in easiest way. Users need to enter below, the Train Number (for which train running status to be tracked), the Train Date (the scheduled date of journey) and any one Railway Station Code (Staring Station Code, Ending Station Code or any of the intermediate Stations’ Code for the train)

Getting Train Running Information of Any Running Train

Enter Train Number:
( 5 Digit Train Number )
(e.g. 12561, 11014, 12809, 14056, 12511, 15018 etc.)
Train Number
Enter Train Starting Date:
(train starting date in DD/MM/YYYY Format only )
(e.g. 13/02/2011, 15/02/2011, 19/03/2011, etc.)
Train Passing Station Code:
(enter exact passing staion code)
(e.g. DLI, NDLS, CSTM, HWH, MAS, GHY, MGS, PNBE, etc.)
Station Code
After filling up Train Number, Train Date & Railway Station Code just click on the Get Train Running Status button. Train Enquiry users / rail travelers could see Station by Station train running information from official site is displayed on the screen. The status of running train is shown with expected time of arrival (ETA), expected time of departure (ETD) for next stations.

Train Running Information from Old Version

The train running information using above button is shown from old version train enquiry site. Using this train running status table you can see the following train running information online:
  • Current/Last position of the train (whether started from origin station, running in between stations or reached to the destination station)
  • Train arrival time and train departure time for railway stations already passed by the train.
  • Expected time of train arrival and expected time of train departure for railway stations to be passed by the train.
  • Scheduled time of train arrival and scheduled time of train departure for all the stations (originating, intermediate and terminating stations for the train).

Why Train Enquiry Users still Love Old Version Train Enquiry

It is a common fact that rail passengers want to know latest train running status of running Trains in India. For this, Indian Railways has made available online running status of trains for general public on its official site Recently, Indian railways has updated its website with new features but some users still look for old TrainEnquiry site because old version site uses less bandwidth.
Old is gold! Yes this fact is currently suits for Indian Railways train enquiry website too. Recently, railways has launched latest version of AJAX based new train enquiry website. Well, the new train enquiry site is fast but it currently provides less information than the previous train enquiry website. The other thing uses find unsatisfactory is that the new site needs fastest internet connection. In India, a large number of users still don’t have fastest internet connection hence they are unable to use latest features of new TrainEnquiry web-site. Therefore, those users want to access train running status using old version Train Enquiry site.
how to know current train running status from old version train enquiry site
You might have checked train running status from old train enquiry website? Now, check train running status through new train enquiry website. You can notice it that although train running status being shown at new train enquiry website is using advanced technology to give you exact running train status yet it fails you to provide the sufficient information of the running train you were looking for. But if you view train running status using old version train enquiry you can see the sufficient information. You can see here a view of train running status shown by old version national train enquiry service which clearly displays all the stoppages details with arrival, departure, and expected timings for a running train.
a view of train running information through old version trainenquiry.coma view of train running information through old version

About new version Train Enquiry Website

The new site has been developed by Indian Railway’s National Train Enquiry System (NTES) and promises to fulfill the needs of modern-day Indian Railways passengers and their expectations of online user experience. The most popular train enquiry website of Railways is about to get a facelift to give latest train running status but it will take time to provide passenger friendly information like is being provided by the old train enquiry website. Although new train enquiry website, the passengers are able to get the latest train running status yet the latest train status is provided for only next two stoppages and previous two stoppages. A view of running status shown by new version of train enquiry site has been displayed here. Now, think which version is useful for current running status; old or new version NTES.
a view of train running information displayed through latest version

So it is up to you, if you want to use new version train status enquiry or use old version train running information for knowing train delay status online. Surely, if you have high bandwidth internet connection then you have options to use either old version or new version train enquiry but if you still have slow internet connection you can find train delay status by accessing through old version train enquiry site.

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Kishan Kumar said...

We some times get this message when we check train running status:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e07'

Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.

/o/status.asp, line 339

Aurag said...

Yes Kishan this error mostly happen on 1st and 11th day of any month. I think Indian Railways' CRIS is not able to solve this BUG.

train status error message said...

Something is going wrong in the Train Enquiry site.

The site gives the following error message when we try to get train running information

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0408'

Invalid character

/o/status.asp, line 277

driver={SQL Server};server=Server=;uid=Administrator;pwd =maths_123;Database=WEBNTESDB;

Hope the problem has been notified to NTES and CRIS team to resolve the same.

pankaj-tips said...

Now train status working correctly. however at times due to some technical problem (in the server etc.) it may not work BUT rest of the time you can easily know the running status.

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