Reserved Class Travelers must Carry Original ID Proof

It should be known to Indian Railways / IRCTC passengers that they have to carry original Identity Card while traveling with reserved tickets in Indian trains. As effective from Dec 01, 2012, the condition of carrying identity card in original has been extended to all classes of reserved train tickets including reserved second class and sleeper class.

Announcement for All Classes of Reserved Train Ticket Travelers

Ministry of railways announced it that new provision of carrying ID for all reserved ticket passengers would come into effect from 1st December 2012. This way Indian Railways, “the Lifeline to India”, aims to facilitate the travel of bonafide & legitimate passengers and to reduce the scope for misuse of reserved ticketing system by unscrupulous elements or middleman.

Passengers Traveling with Reserved Tickets to Carry ID Proof

The list of prescribed proofs of identity has been expanded to cover more variety of photo identity cards for the convenience of rail passengers. Earlier, passengers traveling with IRCTC online e-tickets, AC class tickets purchased from reservation counters and tatkal tickets were required to carry original ID card. But in a major initiative to further facilitate the travel of bonafide and legitimate passengers only and also to reduce the scope for misuse of reserved ticketing system by unscrupulous elements/middlemen, the Ministry of Railways has decided to extend the condition of carrying original proof of identity during travel on reserved tickets issued through Passenger Reservation System (PRS) for all reserved classes including ‘Reserved Second Class (2S)’, ‘Sleeper Class (SL)’, ‘III Economy Class (3E)’ and ‘First Class (FC)’. This change in policy will come into effect from 1st December 2012.
Further, the Ministry of Railways has also decided to expand the list of prescribed proofs of identity to include photo identity cards having serial numbers issued by public sector undertakings of State/Central Government, District Administrations, Municipal Administrations and Panchayat Administrations.

New/Extended List of Valid Identity Cards for Traveling in Trains

The expanded list of the prescribed proofs of identity for undertaking journey on IRCTC tickets, Tatkal tickets and other reserved classes will now be as follows:
  • Voter Photo identity card issued by Election Commission of India.
  • Passport.
  • PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department.
  • Driving Licence issued by RTO.
  • Photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government which include the following:
    • Pension Pay Orders (PPO)
    • Ration Card with photographs
    • Senior Citizen cards
    • Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards
    • ESI cards (with photograph) issued for taking treatment in ESI dispensaries.
    • CGHS Cards (with photograph) issued to individual family members of Central Govt. employees.
  • Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School/College for their students.
  • Nationalized Bank Passbook with photographs.
  • Credit Cards issued by Banks with laminated photograph.
  • Unique Identification Card “Aadhaar”.
  • Photo identity cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertakings of State/Central Government, District Administrations, Municipal bodies and Panchayat Administrations.

New Provision of Carrying Original Identity Proofs for Passengers

In this way, the new provision to be effective from 1st December, 2012 will be as follows :- “Any one of the passengers booked on a PNR for undertaking journey in any reserved class has to produce any one of the above mentioned prescribed proofs of identity in original during the journey failing which all the passengers booked on that ticket will be treated as travelling without ticket and charged accordingly. The existing provision of the Tatkal scheme where the passenger is required to show the same original proof of identity as indicated on the ticket shall continue.

More Information on Carrying Original Identity Proofs

It may be mentioned that presently only the following categories of passengers travelling in reserved classes have to produce original proof of identity during the journey:-
  • Passengers travelling on e-tickets.
  • Passengers travelling on Tatkal tickets.
  • Passengers undertaking journey in AC classes on the tickets issued through the computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) [except in III Economy -3E class].
With the new provision, the condition of carrying one of the prescribed identity cards has now been extended additionally to other classes of travel namely - Reserved Second Class(2S), Sleeper Class(SL), III Economy Class(3E) and First Class(FC).
The above change in the policy is aimed at facilitating the travel of bonafide and genuine passengers and simultaneously to check the scope for travel on transferred tickets. It is also considered that the proposed change shall also be useful from the security point of view.

So it is recommended to share this information among your relatives / friends / colleagues / rail travelers that carrying of original ID proof has been made mandatory for train traveling in all reserved classes from December 01, 2012. Also don’t forget to carry your original identity card with reserved ticket if you commence rail journey on or after 01-12-2012.

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Carrying ID proof is compulsory during train journey in all reserved classes from 01.12.2012”. These days this statement is now also flashing in railways official website making rail passengers aware to carry identity card while they travel.

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