Live Train Status on Google Map thru Rail Radar Enquiry

Good news arrives for rail passengers, Indian Railways, recently introduced Rail Radar service through which online users can access live location of trains on Google Map and track movements of trains on a nearly real-time basis making train enquiry even more convenient. This new rail radar application could be considered to be advanced version of rail tracking service “Spot your Train”.

Rail Radar can be Accessed at

Rail Radar service, helping users to navigate trains on Google map, can be easily accessed at This new rail enquiry app enables users to find the exact geographical location of 6,500+ Passenger/Express trains of the Indian Railways on Google Map on real time basis. RailRadar service is also accessible on mobile phones, via mobile’s browser.

How to Use Rail Radar Service to know Live Train Status

National train enquiry i.e. all India running trains’ location on Google map can be viewed using rail radar facility provided by Indian Railways currently powered by To use rail radar service you may observe these:
  • Log on to the URL:
  • rail radar train enquiry starting
  • The opening screen of Rail Radar features India's map with the details of the trains running.
  • On the top right, it shows the number of trains can be traceable on Google map at that point of time, and percentage of trains that are running on their schedule time.
  • rail radar train enquiry Google map
  • Trains running on time are shown in blue, while the trains running late are shown in red.
  • On clicking a train, users are able to see the route, including all the stoppages, and the current location of the train on nearly real-time basis.
  • You can drag the map (top, bottom, right or left) to see the trains running nearby desired location.
  • You have options to click on Zoom In (+) or Zoom Out (–) as per your requirement to set the zoom level of the Google map.
  • At some spots on Rail Radar Google map you will notice that you may need to Click to see Details because more trains are at the same station and on clicking you can see such trains.
  • rail radar train enquiry with stoppage google map
  • The left panel also has a search bar, using which users can search specific trains. Users can also track trains arrival/departure status by stations.
  • Clicking on a particular train icon provides additional details like train start date, last location of the train, train running status, and a link to for tracking the latest status of the train.
  • Help (FAQ) is also available to provide sufficient help on Rail Radar application.
  • There are lots more options available on Rail Radar application which you can use and explore for train status enquiries.

Advantages of Rail Radar Train Enquiry Service

Rail Radar allows users to watch real time movement of trains online on Google map which are currently running in India. Advantages of making train enquiry through Rail Radar are:
  • Latest train running status can be found. The running train status is shown on real time basis (however there is a chance that status of trains shown on the map are typically 5 and more minutes delayed from the real time)
  • Rail travelers can know if the train is running late or running on time (just by seeing train image type on the map). Blue colored train means the train currently running on time whereas trains colored in red means the train currently running late.
  • Passengers can find nearby trains (if running so) and thereby can make better travel plan.
  • Travelers can know order of trains which are arriving at a station or have departed from a station.
  • Train route is also displayed on Google Map so rail travelers have more options to choose shortest/alternate route for their rail journey.
  • In cases of unplanned travel or short distance travel, rail travelers can easily determine which train option is best for them.
  • Rail route already covered by the train and route to be covered by the Train are clearly accessible.
  • Train stoppages, train starting station, train terminating station are also shown on Google map for the train.
  • Zoom In / Zoom Out facilities have been provided to in depth route / stoppages / status analysis of running train.
  • Travelers can browse through “India map navigator” to track any train running anywhere in India.

Users Must have to use Rail Radar Service

Rail Radar users should have advanced/latest internet browser installed on computer/laptop/mobile to effectively use Rail Radar application. Users who have used Google Map service before can find it easy to navigate train location/status easily. Internet/broadband connection with reliable speed is also recommended to access/download train map data faster. This is because Rail Radar Service uses different types of tracking mechanisms and the software that supports it, while highly reliable, is also complex. If you are a first-time visitor to this site, you may want to make yourself conversant with the various links listed on the sidebar of the rail radar web-page.

More Information on Rail Radar Services for Train Enquiry

If you haven’t accessed rail radar application before, you might be interested to know more on these services. Then what are you waiting for? Just log in to and explore more. Particularly, you can Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) shown in the left sidebar (can be accesses on clicking the “information” button).

Hence, if you are either regular train travelers or occasionally travel in rail in both the cases rail radar service can help you in accessing accurate and reliable train running status online on Google map at the page So dear rail travelers/users, it is requested to share this information for making train enquiry through rail radar application. Also, must share your reviews/suggestions/comments here on rail radar app for train enquiry.

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spot your train on google map said...

Tracking of Indian railways train via RailRadar on Google Maps powered by is excellent way to know live train position online. We, rail travelers, welcome this initiative taken by Indian railways to give advantage of Google Map train locator to its passengers. Thank you for making national railway enquiry system available on Google Map.

Raju Srivastava said...

Tracking of Indian railways train via RailRadar is excellent way to know live train position online.

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