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Train running status is now ready at new version train enquiry site running presently in beta mode. To fulfill latest technological needs of train travelers, Indian railways recently made significant changes in train enquiry website. Ajax based train enquiry site enables you to search and view train running information quickly. Track train status any time at train enquiry.

Train Running Status at New Version Train Enquiry

Train running information is available at previous train enquiry website also for a long time and most rail passengers still love to view running train information from old site. However, some modern passengers access train running information with latest train enquiry site only because it is assumed that new site gives accurate train running status without any delay.

Easiest User Interface of Train Running Status Enquiry

The best thing about this site is that you don’t need to remember your train number or railway station codes. New train enquiry website has two tabs for searching and tracking train running information. The two tabs on train enquiry website are Trains and Stations. On the Trains tab visitor has options to enter in the search box – train number or train name or source or destination or a combination of these. However, in the search box of Stations tab user can enter either station name or station code. You can see it that when you start entering few characters of train name/number or railway station name/code the list below the search box is getting filled up with a list of trains or stations respectively. This is due to Ajax based latest search technique.

Advantages of New Version Train Running Information Site

Following are the notable advantages of new version train enquiry site for providing train running status:
  • Locate your train, in seconds.
  • Reduce your waiting time by tracking your train’s exact location and arrival time
  • Information such as train time table, live running status/position of a train, coach position, etc. is available with a simple search.
  • Train running information is shown with graphical train position.
  • To know train running status you don’t need to remember train name, stations name, train number, station code in full. Simply fill up the search box with few characters of train name, stations name, train number, station code, etc. The site automatically gives you list according to your search query to select appropriate train or station.
  • After you select the exact train, train running information site fetches various details about the train. Those are current status of the train (on-time, delayed, reached destination, etc.), last location updated time of the train, next two stops and expected time of arrival (ETA), previous two stops and departure time.
  • Equipped with more intelligent and robust train-timing prediction engine which give precise results.
  • This train running information site is also accessible through tablets and smart-phones.
  • Updates train running information in nearly real time.

How Does New Train Running Information Work

New edition of facilitates journeys by allowing passengers of Indian Railways to search and find information associated with the trains running across the country. Information such as train time table, live running status | position of a train, coach position etc. is available with a simple search.

Open Train Running Information Home Page

For making enquiry on current train running information you have to go to the URL:

Search for specific train

To search any specific train you have to type one of the following in search box:
  • 5 Digit train number
    (e.g. 12402, 12589, 01493, 12952, etc.)
  • Train Name
    (e.g. Magadh, Gitanjali, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai Rajdhani, etc.)
  • From and To Station Codes | Names
    (e.g. Raipur to Bilaspur, AK to NJP, Bombay to New Delhi, etc.)
  • Intermediate Stations Name
    (e.g. Mumbai to Allahabad to Howrah etc.)
train running information new version

Select the Appropriate Train

To see the details you are interested in, select the specific train by clicking on the highlighted box from the search results.
train running information of trains

Select the exact train

Select the exact train to get more details based on:
  • Start date from the originating station,
  • The previous and next stops.
train running information select train date

Now Wait for Train Running Information

You can see the message before displaying train running information: “please wait while we fetch the information for the selected train...
fetching train running information

Current Train Running Status Details will then fetch the following details about your train
  • Current Status of the Train
    (on-time, delayed, reached destination, etc)
  • Last location | updated time of the train
  • Next two stops and the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Previous two stops and the departure time
new version train running status

So do check train running status online either on your smart-phone or computer with new version train running information and do share your views, write your comments, suggestions on, viewing train running information.

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