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Train Running Status
Are you looking for current train running status to get online status of running trains? Okay! You can any time check station by station train running status for any running train in a very simple and easiest way.
Just fill in below— Train Number, Train Date & at least one Passing Station Code and click on Get Current Train Running Status LINK to easily get online current train running status without delay.
Get Train Running Status in One Step
Enter Train Number:
( 5 Digit Train Number )
(e.g. 12876, 12414, 13351, 12834, 12580, 12562 etc.)
Train Number
Enter Train Starting Date:
(select train starting date [as per actual train schedule]
i.e. Yesterday, Today OR Tomorrow only )
Train Passing Station Code:
(enter exact passing staion code)
Station Code
NOTE: If clicking on the above “Get Current Train Running Status” link fails to show you Train Running Status then right click on the “Get Current Train Running Status” link and SELECT open link in NEW Tab or NEW Window.
For more information on how to get one step current train running status read below.

How to use Train Running Status Finder

How to know train running status in just one step has already been shown above. You have to simply fill up train number and train starting date (from originating station) in the above box to know current train running status anytime and anywhere. Rail passengers can easily know latest information about train running status, train status, Indian Railways train status and running train status. Online current train running status can be viewed any time from official train enquiry website by just entering the train number and train starting date.

Train Running Information by

It is a fact that national train enquiry system (NTES) has made is possible for rail passengers traveling in trains to track latest train running information. NTES is now using latest technology in displaying live train running information. Even by tracking latest train running position worries of the relatives of the rail passengers would simply go away. This way they can reduce their waiting time for train arrivals. Railway passengers can take better decisions for traveling in train by knowing if the train is running on time or running late. Hence, to help rail travelers, is dedicated to supply accurate train running information all the time.

Information Available on Train Running Status Page

The train running status page provided by website is full of important information train travelers would be looking for. Train running status page gives you accurate information about any running train. Station by station train running status is displayed in tabular form. Passing railway station name and station codes, scheduled arrival time, scheduled departure time, actual arrival time, actual departure time, expected arrival time, expected departure time, etc. are the columns into which train running status table is divided. Please note it that in ETA means expected time of arrival and ETD means expected time of departure. At the bottom of train running status table you can see status last updated time such as “Last Updated At: 11:07, 11 Jul 2011”. “View Train Schedule” button is also available after train running status table clicking on which you can see original schedule of the train.

Getting One-Step Train Running Status

Most of the rail travelers search for a website to know live train running status rather than to call railway enquiry helpline numbers. Train running information is all the time available on railways official website But people want to know train running status in just one easy step. So rail passengers looking for train running status from official website in a single mouse click only have to fill up the train number, train starting date (from starting station) above and click on the “Get Current Train Status” link to get latest train running status instantly.

Usefulness of Train Running Status

So do check current train running status to know train’s current location before you go to railway station to travel in a train. Even share this information in your friends, relatives also that why they don’t check running train status online before they start traveling in trains to reduce their waiting time. Explain them how easy it is to know train running information from official TrainEnquiry website. Since checking train running status is now possible in one step only so check train running status whenever you need it. Whether you are traveling, receiving, or seeing off family and friends check current train running status in advance. Spending a few minutes in checking train running status can save your valuable hours. I think by now you have understood importance of tracking train running status. Also, always be thankful to for providing online train running status for more than 8000 trains in real time.
So check current train running status online before your start traveling in any train
Share your comments, suggestions, feedback on finding train running status.

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Train Running Information — said...

Best way to track any running train in just one step. After entering train number and train starting date, within few seconds, IRCTC rail passengers can find current train running information.

train running status irctc said...

I checked train running status by typing in train number and train starting date then I clicked on “Get Train Running Status” link. I found my train running status in very less time from official TrainEnquiry website. But I dont know why for some railway station, running train status is given as update awaited instead of providing arrival / departure time for the train.

train running status said...

Yes, I also observed it recently that at one or more situations while displaying train running status page by official TrainEnquiry website, at times, for one or more railway stations train status is indicated as “Update Awaited”. I think this is due to latest technology being used for train running status by train enquiry. That is why for some railway stations train running status is given as Update Awaited.

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