Now You can Check Train Running Status on Mobile Phone

Knowing exact location of a train has now become easiest ever for tracking it on a mobile phone. IIT-Kanpur and Indian Railways has jointly developed a new technology – real time train running information system (RTIS) – this system facilitates mobile users to retrieve information about the exact location of a running train. RTIS is based on SIMRAN.
Web based real time train running information system (RTIS) has already been made available in October 2011 for accessing at the website
This new running train tracking system is based on Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN), that is why website name is This system enables accurate train running status.

Real Time Train Running Information on Mobile

getting trains between two stationsRunning Train Status on Mobile
To avail this facility on mobile phone one has to type the train number and SMS it to either 09415139139 or 09664139139 for knowing the exact location of a running train on real-time basis as said by Railway Ministry official. Presently this service is available on Pilot/Trial Basis for selected trains (12001, 12002, 12003, 12004, 12005, 12006, 12011, 12012, 12013, 12014, 12017, 12018, 12033, 12034, 12235, 12236, 12423, 12424, 12435, 12436, 22423, 22424, 12301, 12302, 12305, 12306, 12313, 12314, 12431, 12432, 12951, 12952, 12953, 12954, 12259, 12260) only.
trains between two stationsA Train Likely to Departure

The RTIS service is currently available for 36 pairs of important trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto (for both UP and DOWN trains). It is expected that within next 18 months, all trains would be covered by RTIS service. Railways al already allocated Rs 121 crore to get this project completed before end of 2013. To make this system operational railways to install a signal receiver (costs about Rs 50,000/- ) in every running locomotive.
We can hope it that all the passenger / express / mail trains would be covered under this project by the end of 2013 as pilot project has now been completed.
To provide real time train running information available railways had obtained permission from ISRO to execute the pilot project. Now railways to take fresh permission from ISRO to use the satellite for the remaining trains. Besides satellite, global positioning system (GPS) is also being used for RTIS system. CRIS, the technology wing of Railways, to an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with IIT-Kanpur shortly to execute the project.
You might know it well that besides mobile phones, RTIS facility provides the exact location of running trains on laptops, computers and smart-phones since October 19, 2011 thereby removing the requirement for a telephonic enquiry for running train status.
Railways is also working currently towards providing broadband based internet & multimedia facilities in running trains and high quality train information displays & information boards at railway stations to improve the quality of passenger service thereby fulfilling latest customers’ demand.

So check train status on your mobile phone and do share it if you find any problem in, accessing train running status on your mobile.

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