Google Chrome: the Lightening Fast Web Browser of Planet

Web Browser is an application software for transversing, retrieving and presenting information resources on World Wide Web (www). Internet browsers or web browsers have key importance worldwide. To work well on the internet you must have a good web browser such as Google Chrome web browser.

Why Fastest Web Browser is Needed for Internet Surfing

You cannot work efficiently on internet without having a Fastest web browser. There are so many Free internet Web Browsers available to be downloaded, installed and use but you have to select and install on your PC/Laptop the Fastest Web Browsers for lightening fast internet surfing experience.

Which Internet Browser is Fastest Web Browser

fastest web browser is Google Chrome
Yes! the question is, what is the Fastest web browser of the Planet? The answer to the question is undoubtedly Google Chrome which has now become the fastest web browser of the planet. So, my dear friends, today I am telling you about Google Chrome : The fastest Web Browser of the Planet. You may be surprised by reading it but this is my real experience of browsing internet as I have been using internet for more than twelve years. During these long period of time I had tried almost all the popular web browsers but found Google Chrome as the Fastest web browser of planet. When a review on top-ten internet browsers was made Google Chrome has got its significant position on the top. Hence I suggest you all to use Google Chrome as your default browser for lightening fast web surfing experience.

Key Features of Google Chrome Web Browser

  • It is designed with minimal interface but has got powerful tools to surf the web.
  • You can either search for the keywords or directly visit any website just typing in the address bar of browser.
  • You can be alerted for any phishing or malware sites automatically.
  • It has got lightening speed to browse websites.
  • Using Incognito mode you may browse websites with full privacy.
  • Google Chrome is getting updated day-by-day with improvements in its versions.
  • It has got enhanced security features and built in pop-up blocker.
  • Google Chrome has built-in PDF viewer as well as feature to save any web-page as a PDF file.
  • For more features of Google Chrome you can visit,
    Google Chrome - Features Page.

Then what are you waiting for ...
If still you aren’t using Google Chrome as your default web browser then you are missing something.

Download Google Chrome Web Browser

Direct download link for Google Chrome Web Browser, the fastest ever internet browser, is given below. So, download and experience fastest web surfing with Google Chrome browser.
Direct Download Link for Google Chrome (by Google)
Besides above official link to download Google Chrome one can download Google Chrome from website. Downloading Google Chrome web browser from filehippo site gives option to download latest Google Chrome or one of previous versions of Google Chrome browser. FileHippo page of Google Chrome is,

Hence it is recommended to download Google Chrome web browser known also as the fastest web browser of the planet and enjoy lightening fast web surfing experience. Do share your reviews or write your comments / suggestions on fastest web browser : Google Chrome.

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Raaj said...

Yes! I today downloaded Google Chrome and found it to be the Fastest. Thanks for giving direct link to get Standalone download of Chrome Browser.
With thanks,


Mintu-Goyal said...

Yes best WEB BROWSER I had seen so far.

Anonymous said...

I have also found Chrome as FASTEST. Thanks for your suggestion.

Riya said...

BUT Now FIREFOX Latest Version has beaten Google-Chrome. Firefox's new version is really awesome man!

Anonymous said...

Riya you are wrong. I have installed both the browsers i.e. Google Chrome and FireFox Latest Version fron internet. I am using both BUT found Google Chrome as the Fastest and Simplest User Interface.

Anonymous said...

Why Google Chrome has to release its Versions frequently? Any reply please...

Answerer said...

Google Chrome releases its versions frequently so as to remove | rectify the bugs (if found by the users or programmer), hence getting better and better in the next versions.
Happy browsing Google Chrome Web Browser - the Fastest Web Browser of the Planet.

Google Chrome User said...

Google Chrome is the fastest inernet browser but after Fire-Fox & Opera. Security feature is getting better. So far as i think it is the best internet Browser BUT at the same time I say it that it is very-very close to Fire-Fox and Opera. Some works still have to be done in order to improve Google Chrome Browser.

Fastest Web Browser said...

How could you say it that "Google Chrome is better than Firefox and Internet Explorer"? Is there any explanation to support your answer? If yes, mention here please...

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