Valid ID Proof List for IRCTC e-Ticket for Train Travel

IRCTC E-Ticket also known as IRCTC Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) is a train ticket booked online from home, cyber cafes, travel agents, etc. without reaching at railway ticket booking counter. E-Ticket issued by IRCTC is equally valid as ticket issued from railway ticket booking counter.

When is IRCTC e-Ticket called a Valid Ticket

IRCTC e-Ticket is called a valid ticket if and only if it is shown along with a valid photo identity proof by one of the passengers traveling in the PNR. So, IRCTC e-Rail ticket holder has to carry valid identity card during travel in trains. If asked, a valid identity card must be shown to train ticket examiner (TEE) by rail passengers traveling in train with IRCTC e-Ticket.

Valid Identity Proof for IRCTC e-Ticket

Rail passengers traveling with IRCTC e-ticket must carry any one of the following identity card in original during the journey, failing which the rail passengers will be treated as traveling without ticket and will be charged or panelized as per the railway rules. Do carry a valid photo ID proof to travel with IRCTC e-Ticket.
Also, know the fact that the IRCTC e-ticket once booked isnt transferable and is valid only if one of the passengers booked on the ticket carries and shows a valid identity proof with the passenger’s photograph on it. Some of the photo identity cards which may be used with IRCTC e-Ticket are voter identity card, passport, PAN card, driving license, photo identity card issued by PSU / Central / State Government / present employer, unique identification card “Aadhaar”. etc.

Valid Identity Proof List for IRCTC e-Ticket

Following Photo ID proofs / documents are considered valid for traveling with IRCTC E-Ticket:
  • Voter Identity Card
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Photo Identity Cards issued by PSU / Central / State Government for their employees
  • Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School / College for their students
  • Nationalized bank passbook with photograph
  • Unique Identification Card “Aadhaar”. (IRCTC announced recently)
  • For non-Indians, their Country's Passport will constitute sole authorized ID.
  • Ration card will be accepted as proof of identity for undertaking journey under Tatkal scheme only if the passenger whose photograph is available on the ration card is traveling.

If IRCTC Passenger forgets to carry Photo ID Card

It is mandatory that one of the rail passengers booked on an IRCTC E-ticket in a PNR is required to present any valid photo identity cards in original during the train journey. The valid photo identity card will be accepted as a proof of identity for the IRCTC rail passenger failing which the passenger will be treated as traveling without ticket and will be dealt as per extant railway rules. You must know it that the Valid Ids are:
Voter Identity Card, Passport, PAN Card, Driving License, Photo ID card issued by PSU / Central / State Government, Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School / College for their students and Nationalized Bank Passbook with photograph will also be accepted as proof for traveling with IRCTC e-tickets.
So always remember to carry one of the accepted photo identity proofs while you travel with IRCTC e-ticket as per the above valid ID proof list for e-Ticket. Also, do share | write comments | suggestions if you know more about valid ID proof list for IRCTC e-Ticket.

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more on identity cards said...

I have seen on IRCTC site the following information about photo Id cards:

Some of the permissible photo Id cards under the term "photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government".

Scope of the term "photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government" permissible under the scheme is very wide and it covers a large number of photo identity cards, some of which are as under:

Pension Pay Orders(PPO)
Ration Card with photographs
Senior citizen cards
Below Poverty (BPL) cards
ESI cards (with photograph) issued for taking treatment in ESI dispensaries
CGHS Cards (with photograph) issued to individual family menbers of Central Govt. employees.

Prof Lourdu Raj said...

while travelling by reserved coaches ,id cards issued to students are accepted, there is no word about the id cards issued to the staff?

Prof Lourdu Raj said...

The id cards issuedby recognized schools are accepted as valid proofs.that is fine .what is the status of the staff from such schools and colleges while travelling byreserved coaches?

vikrant gohal said...

Bhartiya Railways has made carrying of ID Proofs as compulsary during journey for all Reserved classes. In case of combined Reservation Ticket in a single ticket,it should be cleared properly that whether all the passengers should have the ID Proofs or carrying by one of them is enough.

Sai kumar said...

can i carry xerox copy to travel by flight

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