Restrict Outgoing Calls to a Fixed Set of Phone Numbers

If you want to get in touch all the time with your children, employees etc., you need to equipped them with mobile | cell phones. Since you will do this for your own need and convenience, you will have to bear all the call charges, phone related expenses towards the mobile you would provide them. Also, you might want parental controls for those mobile | cell phones so that the mobile phone could not be misused by your dear ones. It would be better if you could restrict outgoing phone calls for saving call charges and allow them outgoing calls to only a few phone numbers so that they could contact you in their needs. Enabling limited use for the outbound calls of the phone will avoid misuse of your phone by the children or employees. Also if you restrict outgoing phone calls from the phone, your hard earned money would also be saved. In this post I would guide you how would you restrict your outgoing phone calls by using PIN2 code of the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card. Actually PIN2 code, used mostly for COST SETTINGS, for your SIM card, is special security feature provided in almost every SIM. For restricting outgoing calls we would simply ON “Fixed Dialing Number” (FDN) service mode in the sim card using the PIN2 code.

What is FDN i.e. Fixed Dialing Number Mode

FDN or “Fixed Dialing Number” mode is one special service mode of SIM Card of GSM mobile phones. Every SIM card can have its own fixed dialing numbers list. If needed phone numbers listed in FDN list could be added, edited or deleted using PIN2 code of the SIM card. Activating FDN means, the outgoing calls get restricted to only those numbers listed in the FDN List. If outgoing call to a phone number, other than numbers from Fixed Dialing List is attempted, the call fails due to outgoing call restriction is active. While incoming calls to the phone are unaffected even if we activate Fixed Dialing Numbers. Therefore, FDN mode enabled sim card mobile users could make outgoing calls to the limited or pre-defined set of phone numbers only. FDN activation service is for parents to restrict the phone numbers to which their children could dial. For instance, the list may give the child permission to call only his | her father, mother, a family friend or a relative.

Usage of Fixed Dialing Number Mode Facility

From Fixed Dialing Number function enabled mobile phone, one can dial only those phone numbers which are present in the FDN phone book list of the SIM. Subscribers are restricted to make call to any other number from the SIM card. Usually, FDN feature is used to secure phone from unauthorized or unwanted use. It is quite possible that sometimes you may be away from your phone and may be someone attempts to dial a number without your permission. If the number dialed is not present in your phone book (FDN list), it cant be dialed. Thereby saves the SIM balance from running away unnecessarily by anyone that is not permitted to use it. If you dont want someone to use your mobile to make an unauthorized call, you can enable FDN mode in your phone.

How to Enable FDN or Fixed Dialing Numbers Feature

To enable | activate FDN | Fixed Dialing Numbers feature on a phone these steps:
  • In your mobile phone go through,
    Menu >> Settings >> Cost Settings >> Fix Dialing
    kindly note that the menu sequence | names may be different depending upon the phone model being used and available menu names, here is the menu sequence for typical NOKIA Mobile Phone.
  • On finding the Fix Dialing sub-menu, you will normally see three options are listed there, such options are On, Off and Numbers.
    Once again I tell you that these sub-menu names may also be different according to the phone model being used i.e. the sub-menu options On, Off and Numbers might be named as Activate, Deactivate and Fixed Dial Numbers, or so on.
  • Here are the uses of these sub-menu items, On, Off and Numbers:
    ON means- to enable | activate fixed dialing mode.
    OFF means- to disable | deactivate fixed dialing mode.
    restrict outgoing call fixed dialing
    Numbers means- to view, add, modify or delete fixed dialing phone numbers.
  • If you choose ON, your outgoing calls would be restricted and only the phone numbers listed in your fixed dialing list would be dialed from the phone.
    When you want to activate fixed dialing mode in your mobile phone you need to enter the PIN2 code number of the SIM. More information on PIN2 code could be found here.

View | Edit | Modify | Delete Fixed Dialing Numbers List

To manage the FDN contacts list (i.e. for viewing, editing, modifying or deleting the phone numbers listed in the fixed dialing numbers list) follow these steps,
  • In your mobile phone go through
    Menu >> Settings >> Cost Settings >> Fix Dialing
  • On finding the Fix Dialing sub-menu, you will normally see three options are listed there such options are On, Off and Numbers.
  • The submenu item Numbers has further submenus named as Search, Add Contact and Delete All.
  • You can browse through these self-explanatory options to View, Edit, Modify or Delete fixed dialing phone numbers list. Here too you need to enter your PIN2 number. Here you can find more information on PIN2 number.

How to Disable FDN | Fixed Dialing Numbers Feature

To disable | deactivate FDN | Fixed Dialing Numbers feature on a phone, you need to go through these steps:
  • In your mobile phone go through
    Menu >> Settings >> Cost Settings >> Fix Dialing
  • In Fix Dialing sub-menu, you will further see submenu items: On, Off and Numbers.
  • The submenu item Off is used to deactivating or disabling fixed dial mode. After you select Off you will be asked enter the PIN2 number for the SIM. After deactivating fixed dial mode the outgoing calls could me made from your mobile phone as usual i.e. without any limitation.

What is PIN2 Code

PIN2 code is nothing but a secret number initially provided by the mobile network operator to every SIM card. Remember, PIN2 code is other than PIN or PIN1 code. PIN2 code is used to set up and modify the list of phone numbers which one can utilize on his SIM card of the mobile to make outgoing calls on only those authorized numbers. Initial or Default PIN2 code for a SIM card is normally ‘0000’ or ‘1234’ but it depends upon the network provider. Some network provider dont provide PIN2 code feature in the SIM. To know, if your SIM supports PIN2 feature and | or PIN2 Code of your SIM card, you may take help from customer care or Google for it for your service provider. After knowing your default PIN2, change your PIN2 code to your choice number for security reason.
Important: Enter the PIN2 carefully as entering three times wrong PIN2 would make PIN2 code blocked. So you should always enter the correct PIN2. If your PIN2 code is blocked, you can unblock it using PUK2 (Personal unblocking Code 2). PUK2 could be asked from your network provider (carrier).

How to Change PIN2 Code of SIM

For changing PIN2 code of the SIM card you can browse through:
Menu >> Settings >> Security Settings >> Change Access Codes >> Change PIN2 Code. Here enter your Old PIN2 Code and New PIN2 Code. You would be asked to enter New PIN2 Code twice. Then, you get confirmation message that PIN2 is successfully changed. However, the menu order and menu names may be different for depending on the phone model used. Search in your phone’s user guide to know exact menu names and sequences for changing PIN2 code.
As I think, by now you have known how to enable outgoing calling restrictions on your mobile | cell phone.
So enjoy controlling your outgoing phone calls using PIN2
Feel free to share your important reviews | write your valuable comments on restricting outgoing calls by using PIN2 code.

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Fixed Dial Activation said...

I want to make FIXED DIAL NUMBERS ACTIVATION facility in my NOKIA mobile. Because my friends misuse my mobile phone by making unwanted outgoing calls. So I decide to use FIX DIAL FACILITY on the NOKIA MOBILE. But I am unable to restrict outgoing phone calls from my mobile because my PIN2 code is BLOCKED.
Suggest me how do I unblock my PIN2 code, because my service provider say it that they wont provide PUK2 (PIN UNBLOCKING KEY) Code to their subscribers. I am worried on misuse of my mobile phone. I want to allow only outgoing calls to those numbers listed or to numbers with certain prefixes. Is there any other way to retrieve PUK2 (PIN UNBLOCKING KEY) to reset my PIN-2 code.

pankaj-tips said...

Hello Fixed Dial Activation Aspirant:
For unblocking your PIN-2 code blocked SIM card you need to consult customer care of your mobile network provider. Call them and tell it that somehow your PIN-2 code is blocked and you need PUK-2 code to unblock the PIN-2 code blocked SIM card. Moreover, you tell them that PIN2 code is necessary for you to activate the fixed dial numbers on your mobile as you want to restrict your outgoing calls to a fixed set of numbers only. If the customer care fails to provide you PUK-2 code for your SIM card then you can visit your local service centre for your mobile network. Remember, unblock your PIN-2 code if and only if you get the correct PUK-2 code because entering 10 times wrong PUK-2 could reject your SIM card permanently. So it is advisable to enter the correct PUK-2 code only after you get it from your service provider and then RESET your PIN2 code for your mobile and finally activate fixed dial number on it to restrict your outgoing calls.


I have at present TATA DOCOMO SIM. I want to activate fixed dial mode in my phone. But I am unable to find the PIN2 code for my TATA DOCOMO. So I remember, I have never changed my PIN2 code. So what is the default pin2 code? I need pin2 for activating fdn on docomo sim mobile urgently please.

airtel default pin2 code said...

Hi, Latest Info,
Could you make me known what is the default PIN2 code for newly purchased AIRTEL SIM. I have tried ‘1234’ and ‘0000’, but these do not work? This is my third and final time left to Enter the actual PIN2 code. Please suggest me as I want to make my phone restrict the Out-Bound calls immediately.

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