Recover | Reset Locked Memory Card Password Easily

People keep important data in memory cards (micro sd, mmc etc) and make the memory card password protected for privacy. It is commonly seen that mobile phone users keep their memory card locked with a password for security reason too. To maintain privacy locking memory card is a good solution but what if the memory card user forgets the unlock password of the card.

Locked Memory Card Password Forgotten by Card User

Forgetting memory card password is a common problem. It is also seen that after forgetting the unlocking password of locked mobile phone memory card due to password lock, users start searching for a memory card password remover. They try to retrieve the original password of locked memory card for unlocking. It is also seen that in most of the cases such SD cards | mmc cards become unusable without unlocking the card protected with a secret password. If you want to stay away from this situation, we strongly recommend you not to place password protection for memory card unless it is highly required.
One can easily notice it that when locked memory card is inserted into PC, most card readers fail to detect the card due to password locking problem. Mobile users struggle hard to get back the password for the memory card. Don't Worry! We help you in getting back your password so that you can remove password lock from memory card easily. So to recover important data (such as images, videos, data files etc.) in the SD | MMC card we suggest these steps to remove password protection from SD card.

How to remove password lock from locked memory card (micro sd | mmc)

For recovering or removing password of locked memory card you have to take help of nokia phone. Ensure it that the mobile must be a s60 Nokia phone.
Some common Nokia s-60 mobile models are 5800, 6600, 6610, E63, N70, E71, N73, N95 etc. To work with we need an external file manager software also like FExplorer besides Nokia phone. FExplorer is a popular file manager software for Symbian mobile phones enabling extra features for managing tasks, viewing running processes and many other tasks.
So, Download FExplorer utility using this download link of FExplorer.

After installing follow steps for password recovery:

  • Insert locked memory card in the s60 mobile phone then switch it ON.
  • Open FExplorer from the phone
  • Access the C: drive of the mobile phone
  • Now, find the Path C:\System
  • Here look for a file named mmcstore and copy it to your pc.
  • Open the file mmcstore in your pc using Notepad.
  • Finally, you will see the password for your memory card in the notepad file.
  • Now you can unlock the locked memory card using the password found above and access the important files you have saved on the card.

So you have seen it that how easily we have unlocked the password protected memory card. Also remember it that if you want only to format your memory card (without data recovery) in such a case simply get a microSD card reader, insert your card there and format the card through PC.
You are totally free to share your comments, views, suggestions, about problems (if you’ve faced) on unlocking the memory card with password protection easily.

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Aniruddha said...

WILL ACCESS FROM MOBILE PHONE mmcstore , but how can i copy it to pc ? cant understand ?

password lock remove said...

You can copy mmcstore from mobile to PC by either using bluetooth file transfer or by using PC data cable.

Anonymous said...

thanks for ur info
il try it now but my point is i never put a password to my sd mmc
& i restor my phone to factory setings
& i found my mmc locked why??

Syath gta said...

information is nice
but i download and install fexplorer
in that sys folder their is "mmcstore" is not present in it what can i do plzzzzz tell

kirankumar reddy Gandra said...

Dear Sir,
We registered our polices on online, but we gave same user id and password to different policy numbers. when we are opening only one policy is opening. plz give me solution. My mail id is

sarfaraz.nawaz72 said...

helpfull information:-
But i download and install fexplorer
in the system folder it doen't appears as "mmcstore"

(there is some imp. data which i dont wanna loose).

Kindly please do needful.

Sarfaraz Nawaz

Rakesh Dey said...

Hae bro i download the fexplorer but ican't find the mmcstore in sytem folder plz help me

Rakesh Dey said...

Hae bro idownload the fexplore but icant find the mmcstore in system folder plz help me
i hope u will listen my request

Anonymous said...

If you can reply to those people then,remove your fake trick!

Riyaan Mohd said...

I cant find mmcstore
Help me plzz

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