Official Train Enquiry:

National Train Enquiry System (NTES) has made significant changes in the official train enquiry website by launching a new site to track train running information online. This new interface is the most advanced, informative and user friendly. Searching and locating running trains can be done almost instantly. Just visit, and enter the desired train number, etc., and you are good to go.

About New Train Enquiry Site

Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) has merged all the websites related to train enquiries to this new site: The speed of new train information site is higher than that of previous sites. Most of the rail travelers who used this new enquiry site have highly appreciated it. To serve better to rail passengers, the site is also available in Hindi version. This new interface, for all train running information, has launched on Sep 06, 2013.

Is Replacement of Previous Train Enquiry Sites?

The new site is probably the replacement of the previous train enquiry sites like,,,,, and This is because on the home page of the site
train enquiry indian rail ntes new site
Train Enquiry New Site for Tracking Train Running Status, Route Chart, etc.
we can see the notification which states as:
This new interface will be launched on Sep 06, 2013. For all train running information please use in place of,,,, and

Features of Train Enquiry Site:

  • Spot Your Train: Here one can see Train schedule or train running status by entering few characters of either train name or train number. By default, it displays the train schedule for each stoppage. User can select the desired Journey/Boarding station and Journey/Boarding date to get current train running information for the train. Also there is an option to view full running status of train.
  • Station: In this section, train travelers / users can view expected train arrivals or expected train departures in next 2 hours, 4 hours , 6 hours or 8 hours for a particular station by entering few characters of station name or station code. “Refresh train list every 2 minutes” check box option button is also available here to get the arrival/departures details refreshed at an interval of 2 minutes.
  • Trains Between Stations: This section provides list of the trains running between the desired two railway stations. To know direct trains between any two stations one needs to fill up the source and the destination station name/code. The result is displayed in tabular form showing train number, train name, runs on (from source station), from, departure time, to, arrival time and travel time. Full schedule of a train in the list can also be viewed by clicking at train number. Moreover, live train running status of any of the trains running between these two stations could also be viewed in the same window by just clicking on the button to show the live status.
  • Trains Cancelled: All trains cancelled (either partially or fully) on any railway route are shown here. The cancelled trains list are divided into two groups. Fully Cancelled Trains are listed with columns Train No, Train Name, Start date, Source and Destination; however, Partially Cancelled Trains are listed with columns Train No, Train Name, Start date, Source, Destination, Cancelled from and Cancelled to. There are search/refresh facilities also to filter/refresh the displayed trains list.
  • Rescheduled: All rescheduled trains are listed in this section with columns Train No, Train Name, Start date, Source, Destination, Rescheduled by and Rescheduled time. Here also user has search/refresh button to filter/refresh the displayed trains list.
  • Diverted: This section lists all diverted trains with columns Train No, Train Name, Start date, Source, Destination, Diverted from and Diverted to. Here also user has search facility to filter and refresh the displayed trains list.
  • Feedback: Users can send feedback about new train enquiry system at the link
Hence, Spot Your Train at Do share your experiences / suggestions / views / comments about user interface, user Interface, response time or any other information on viewing train status through

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Pratap Kumar said...

Excellent train enquiry site!
But my question is why they have not provided a link to seat availability status also in this window so that rail traveler can find the status of vacant berths at once?

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