Train Enquiry Mobile Site : is now available from wider range of mobile phones as Indian Railways has introduced “OnTheGo” feature to its RailYatris. OnTheGo feature has arrived in train enquiry site for frequent rail travelers who want fixed information of running trains. Rail enquiry users liked launching of OnTheGo a lot. Any rail traveler can,

Access On The Go Train Enquiry Mobile at

By entering any exact train number and train starting date, rail yatri can find train running details such as upcoming railway station(s), expected time of arrival (ETA), delay time. All these information is accessible easily through onthego facility of through any GPRS based mobile phone. The site gives lightening fast result for any train running in India.

What is New in

on the go train running status from mobile at
These are the latest features of newly introduced
  • The site can be used as easy as A, B, C.
  • User has to input only:
    • The Exact Train Number (for example 15707, 15610, 02424, etc.)
    • The Train Originating Date (such as Today, Yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago or 4 days ago)
  • The output comes almost instantly (within seconds).
  • The site gives you one step result of train running information.
  • Currently, displays train time-table of any running train for all the upcoming railways stations (but full version of train enquiry site displays time table of the train for only next two railway stations and previous two railway stations).
  • The site is accessible any GPRS based mobile phones (one doesn’t need smart-phone, jQuery, AJAX, etc.)
  • works well in low bandwidth internet connections. The site used almost no resource because its interface is tiniest. Only few KBs of GPRS data is used.
  • TrainEnquiry on the go for passengers who want fixed information and need to access train information fast.
  • The site runs well in ordinary GPRS based phones, so it is also accessible through smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers.
  • The site can be used by real rail users while they are making the journey in train, that is why it is named as on the go train enquiry service.

What People Say About

Rail passengers across the country became happy because another good initiative from has been taken to provide quickest running status of train if one knows the train number (for which status to be tracked) through Also, the, the official train enquiry mobile site looks similar to earlier launched un-official train enquiry site Even the available features at the site and are also almost the same. But people prefer to access train late status through official train enquiry mobile site (light-weight version), because it is more reliable. One can see the facebook of that thousands of people have liked this new feature and talking about this.
We recommend our readers to check “OnTheGo” at to get train running status. Do share this information in your relatives, friends, colleagues and to everyone that tiniest mobile version of train enquiry site is now easily available and accessible at Also, don’t forget share your valuable views/comments/queries in finding train related information through, the official train enquiry site’s lightweight mobile version.

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Ganga Prasad said...

Really, we can now say it that Indian railways has improved the website quality and this time they made this site for the benefit of common men. Even cheapest or any mobile can view these such details.

sangeeta said...

Earlier new site was unable to run on my on nokia phone browser.
But this new URL runs well in my nokia phone browser.
I think will run on other popular mobile browsers too like Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, UC Browser, Ordinary Mobile Browser, China Mobile Internet Browser, etc.
Thanks Admin for making me aware about on the go train enquiry site.

subodh thakur said...

Kindly provide me Magadh Express (train number 12402) current late status. Somehow I am unable to view it through my Nokia mobile. Why the trains like magadh express regularly run late it is very problematic for railyatris?

Admin Mantap Jaya said...

I really liked, because from the first I use it.

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