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Previously I wrote an article for using Google Chrome Web Browser : Planet’s Fastest Ever Internet Browser. People have enjoyed a lot downloading and using Chrome. As developers of Google Chrome web browser make changes in new Google Chrome, removing all the bugs received from old Chrome versions of Google Chrome and release latest version of Google Chrome better than the previous one.

Most Popular Web Browser : Google Chrome

google chrome full installer direct download
Google Chrome has become so popular across the globe that now-a-days people started switching their web browser to this lightening fast Google Chrome web browser. But the only annoying thing of Google Chrome is that when someone wants to download Google Chrome setup from its office website he only gets a small executable file which always requires to be online downloading files from Google Download servers to perform download every time on any computer. Due to this annoying behavior for downloading Google Chrome, people are compelled to look for
downloading a full standalone setup file for Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Offline Installer | Setup Direct Download Link for Full Download Chrome

Internet users always want to download latest version of Google Chrome so as to surf internet without any problem. Most latest release of Google Chrome web browser can be downloaded from too. But here is the latest trick to download most updated Google Chrome browser. By using this shortcut URL you can easily download fully offline version of Google Chrome. For this you only need to know the version number of latest Google Chrome browser. So here follows the trick to get Offline Installer Direct Download Link of Google Chrome Latest Version.

How to Direct Download Standalone Setup of Most Recently Released Google Chrome Web Browser

  • You can anytime find the latest version | release number of Google chrome in either homepage of or As these site keeps latest updated information on newest version of Google Chrome Browser at its HomePage.
    [If your one of the friends have downloaded latest Google Chrome then you can know latest version information of google chorme by opening Google Chrome's About box also.
  • Write down the latest version information of Google Chrome. It would be something like
    Google Chrome 21.0.1180.4 Dev,
    Google Chrome 21.0.1180.55 Beta,
    Google Chrome 22.0.1201.0 Dev,
    Google Chrome 22.0.1229.0 Dev,
    Google Chrome 23.0.1243.2 Dev,
    Google Chrome 23.0.1262.0 Dev, etc.
  • You should know it that for extracting direct download link of Google Chrome we browser we need only numeric version numbers (num1.num2.num3.num4) only. Skip the other words after numerical version number such as Dev, Beta, etc. Observe the examples given below:
    Google Chrome  21 . 0 . 1180 . 4  Beta
    Google Chrome  21 . 0 . 1180 . 55  Beta
    Google Chrome  22 . 0 . 1201 . 0  Beta
    Google Chrome  22 . 0 . 1229 . 0  Beta
    Google Chrome  23 . 0 . 1243 . 2  Beta
    Google Chrome  23 . 0 . 1262 . 0  Beta
  • Finally, the direct download link for full version setup of Google Chorme would be:
  • [] + [XX.X.XXXX.XX] + [_chrome_installer.exe]
  • For the above four releases of Google Chrome the direct download links would be respectively,
  • Copy one of the above links and change the digits as per the latest release of Google Chrome thereafter use that link in your browser windlow to download recently released Google Chrome offline setup.
  • The setup file so downloaded can be used to install Google Chrome on multiple systems without going online (as the downloaded installer is off-line version of Google Chrome installer setup executible file)
  • This way you have known how to find the direct download link of offline installer of Google Chrome latest version.
  • Enjoy accessing internet with the lastest browser version of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome 29.0 Offline Installer

Latest Version Google Chrome Download

Updated link as on 27-May-2013   [Below is Direct Download Link]
Direct Download Link to full Standalone | Offline Installer of Google Chrome 29.0.1516.3 Dev File Size: 32.28 MB, i.e. 33,852,256 bytes is:

Google Chrome 28.0 Offline Installer

Previous Version Google Chrome Download

Updated link as on 14-May-2013   [Below is Direct Download Link]
Direct Download Link to full Standalone | Offline Installer of Google Chrome 25.0.1364.2 Dev File Size: 32.03 MB, i.e. 33,587,552 bytes is:
Surely you have now known how to download latest release of Google Chorme Web Browser Standalone setup from internet. Hence get fastest web surfing experience by using Google Chrome. Your doubts | thoughts on shall be heartedly welcomed for downloading full offline version of latest Google Chrome.
Hence without any delay, you are fully released to share your reviews | thoughts etc on free direct download link of Google Chrome full installer.

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Broadband Blogger said...

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Download Google Chrome said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you sir for this link, I was using a computer with only IE on it and the google official link was glitching on IE and not downloading. I just downloaded an older version from here and let it auto update

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