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While designing a website or web–blog we should know some basic tricks for web development and web designing. Quality website must have capacity to attain high page ranking, better SEO and appearance in various SERPs. Here, in this article, we have listed some simple tips and ticks following which one can easily develop quality website and get listed quickly by various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. As people all around the world want to make a good website or blog but they don’t know how to make better web designing as well as better web development. We highly recommend people going to develop a website or creating blogging site should learn basics of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and Javascript before they proceed to do to. Our advice for best website developing is actually based upon basics of HTML, CSS and CSS. So let us start with these simple but powerful advices on web development. We suggest our followers to understand and use these simple web developing tricks. At present we are listing the best 50 tricks to develop | design high quality website | web–blog.

50 Simple Tips & Tricks for
Website | Blog Designing | Development

  • Your page must follow HTML, CSS and JS standards and recommendations.
  • Keep your HTML easily readable and well organized.
  • Hexadecimal color system should be used when describing a color, avoid using system color names.
  • Make sure all page titles are unique and relevant to content of the page.
  • ALT (alternate text) property on all images should be used.
  • Do test your webpage | site in several web browsers and also with different operating systems.
  • Testing, testing, testing and testing! Finally test again and once more for good evaluation.
  • Page design should be kept simple and easy to use.
  • Relevant keywords and descriptions for each page should be used for better SERP.
  • Page content should be fresh and up to date.
  • Verify spelling and grammar errors on your site and correct those mistakes as needed.
  • Broken links on your website should be checked at regular intervals and should be fixed as needed.
  • Don’t overuse of flashy or moving elements.
  • Target screen size and color depth should be defined clearly.
  • Targeting browsers should be defined and tested again and again against each.
  • Try every possibility to avoid using frames in your site.
  • Avoid placing any email addresses on any page
  • Way for visitors to contact the site owner must be provided.
  • Don’t create pages which take longer time to download (render).
  • Optimize images first to look fine and try to keep image file size smallest possible.
  • Use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and DIVs (DIV elements) for site layouts rather than using tables.
  • Avoid making a page flooded with big-big ads
  • Transparency as to where links will take a user should be maintained.
  • Use a style-sheet to summarize CSS code whenever possible
  • Copyright, privacy and terms of use policies should be stated clearly wherever needed.
  • Do not put automatic sound or video, ever!
  • Using Flash for navigation or the entire site layout should be avoided.
  • Coding conventions to use prior to starting development should be clearly defined.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used for all private and confidential information transfers. Ensure it.
  • When planning design and content for your site, audience view must be kept in mind.
  • To make texts on your website easily readable provide enough contrast for text.
  • Try to stay legal whenever possible. It is usually helpful for your website.
  • Consistent Headings and Sidebars should be used.
  • Solutions to major technical difficulties should be cleared early in the lifecycle of development.
  • For others keep it easy to bookmark to the site or a page.
  • Add JS (JavaScript) code to the file which should be included only where needed.
  • Consistency in the code should be made to make it easier to maintain.
  • Make your site navigation obvious.
  • While developing your site page develop it with maintenance in mind (i.e. be cool).
  • Keep a record of everything possible and must record unique solutions to problems
  • Avoid changing page URLs after they are indexed by search engines. If changing of page URL is necessary then provide a redirect if required.
  • You should make plan before making each and every change to a site. Also see the path to the end result after making changes to your website.
  • Try making RSS Subscription links obvious.
  • Over inline styling CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) style-sheet INCLUDE should be used.
  • Also provide alternative subscription methods, like by email or by sms
  • Don’t do copyright violation and where necessary give attribution too.
  • For all file assets establish and test thoroughly a backup and recovery plan.
  • A clean and well organized file system for web asset files must be maintained.
  • Monitoring to catch and help should be established in reducing system interruption or failure.
  • DOCTYPE declaration on all pages must be used.
We hope in the near future we would be adding some more tips for web | blog design and development our readers | followers. Your doubts | thoughts on tips for developing high rank websites | blogs shall be heartedly welcomed by our blog administrators.
Hence without any hesitation you are free to write below your reviews | thoughts etc on web design | development tips & tricks.

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