Indian railways Releases Trains at Glance for 2015-16

The Ministry of Railways has released its new All India Railway Time Table aka “TRAINS AT A GLANCE (TAG) 2015-16” which will come into effect from i.e. 01-10-2015. In addition to the “Trains at a Glance”, all the 17 Zonal Railways are releasing their Zonal Railway Time Tables (5 Zonal time tables in all, each Zonal Time Table comprising 3-4 Zonal Railways train services) which will also come into effect from 1st October 2015.

Rail Passengers have to Follow The New Trains at Glance 2015-16

To make the comfortable train journey, all rail passengers are advised to refer to the new timings and new starting terminal stations etc. that comes to effect from 1st October 2015 before starting the journey. The new Trains at a Glance will also be available with effect from 1st October 2015 on Indian Railways’ official website i.e.
More details are easily available at the above website.

The salient features of Trains at a Glance-2015 are as under

new trains at a glance 2015 16 releasedTrains at a Glance October 2015 - June 2016 (New)
  • Encouraged by the public response over the past few years all the user-friendly features of Trains at a Glance viz. how to read a table, route map, station index, trains between important stations, station code index, Train number index, Train name index, commercial information of passenger use and interest viz. advance reservation period, reservation through internet, Tatkal scheme, Refund rules, disaster management, rail travel concessions and catering services has been retained.
  • In addition, a brief description of Rajdhani, Duronto, Shatabdi,, Jan-Shatabdi, Sampark Kranti, Double Decker, Yuva Express in the initial pages of Trains at a Glance (TAG) 2015-16 has also been incorporated as was done in the past. Operational halts of all Duronto trains have been converted into Commercial stoppages as well except a few, where no operational halts existed previously and these are now featuring in the TAG 2015-16.
  • Vigilance Organization and Public grievance machinery has been suitably updated and incorporated.
  • Indian Railways has launched an on-line public grievance redressal portal i.e. which is a web-based complaints and suggestions application. Passengers now can also lodge complaints/suggestions through SMS on 9717630982.
  • No new trains, extension and increase in frequency of existing trains have been announced in the Railway Budget 2015-16. However, owing to public demand, completion of new lines and gauge conversions, 6 new Express trains which have been introduced recently also find place in the new Time Table.
  • To improve punctuality of trains, the old timings were re-visited and certain changes have been made in trains timings and also terminals of some areas viz. Jammu, Delhi, Patna, New Jalpaiguri and Bengaluru area etc. The revised timings/terminals have also been incorporated in the TAG 2015-16.
  • Speeding up of trains: Some trains have been speeded up (i.e. travel time reduced) for the benefit of the travelling public.
  • Re-numbering of trains: Some trains have been re-numbered due to shifting of primary maintenance depot or due to speeding up, thus making them superfast, have been updated in the new Time Table.
  • Naming of trains : 12723/12724 Hyderabad – New Delhi A.P. Express has been re-named as Telangana Express and 17035/17036 Secunderabad – Sirpur Kaghaznagar Express has been renamed as Kaghaznagar Express and 22415/22416 Visakhapatnam – New Delhi Express has been named as Andhra Pradesh AC Express. Besides, some trains have also be named recently, viz. Anuvrat Express, Leelan Express, Loknayak Express, Sushashan Express, Yoga Express, Kriya Yoga Express etc. also feature in the new Time Table.

By releasing new time table rail passengers may find it easy to travel in Indian trains.

Now this is right time, you may also share your comments, experience or any ideas on new railway trains at a glance (wef 01-01-2015) release.

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manish said...

Yes, I have seen new Trains at Glance (TaG) released yesterday, it should be noted that at least 23 trans have got their time changed and the runing speed of 90 trains have been increased.

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