Transfer Order 34540 Lady Teachers Declared

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Education Department of Bihar has declared it that 34540 lady teachers would be transferred to their desired locations. It is a good move taken my Bihar government to provide 34540 lady teachers to go to server in nearby locations. Transfer list of all the lady teachers is available at i.e.

The above order of transfer of 34540 lady teachers is available at the above location. The counseling of the aforesaid lady teachers would start from 11th march 2013 to 13th march 2013. It is said that the transfer order has been released because the High Court, Patna has ordered Department of Education to do so. However the lady teachers welcomed this initiative.
download bihar lady teacher transfer list pdf
34540 Lady Teachers Choice Transfer List PDF
You can download the full list of transfer of lady teachers using above link available. If you know more about transfer order of 34540 lady teachers of Bihar then you must share/comment it so that the beneficiary would get quick information.

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Sunita Kumari said...

hello admin! I am Sunita Kumari. I got transferred from Shekhpura to Begusarai. I do not know where my counseling would be done. Would you tell me where my counseling would be done as I am confused. Tell me my counseling will be at Shekhpura or Begusarai, pleaseee

geeta kumari said...

hi I am seeing here district-wise and also merit-wise list of lady teachers who got transferred to the place of their choices, but my name is not appeared in the declared list of teachers. I have applied transfer for Patna district. The list is very long but still my name is not in the listing. Please tell whom to contact for my exact information regarding my transfer to patna district. I want to teach in patna only.

Anonymous said...

please provide the link to download the list of lady teacher whose transfer in own distric.

download link said...

download link for list of lady teacher whose transfer in choice district is below:

list of lady teacher who transferred in own district

Anonymous said...

copy and paste this link address:

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