Expected IDA from October 2016 (01-10-2016) for CPSU

The IDA with effect from 1st October 2016 will depend upon the All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Worker (AICPIN-IW) for the months of June 2016, July 2016 and August 2016. All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Worker for the month June 2016 and July are declared as 277 and 280 respectively, and the same for the month August 2016 shall be announced at the end of September 2016.

Factors affecting PSU Dearness Allowance wef Oct 2016

Dearness allowance for CPSU wef October 2016 is based on the AICPIN (IW) for the months June 2016, July 2016 and August 2016 and expected to be declared at the end of the July 2016, August 2016 and September 2016 respectively.
Currently we have,
AICPIN (IW) for Jun 16 = 277
AICPIN (IW) for Jul 16 = 280
AICPIN (IW) for Aug 16 = N/A
based on the above data,

Calculating Expected Dearness Allowance wef October 2016

aicpi iw da rateDA Hike for PSU Employees is based on AICPIN(IW)
We have seen it that All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers for the months June 2016 and July 2016 are 277 and 280 respectively. Based on these two index numbers and considering the probable AICPIN (IW) for the month of August 2016 for some expecting values, we can calculate the expected DA w.e.f. October 2016.

Top 10 Projections of IDA wef October 2016

CPI of
Aug 2016
IDA wef
Oct 2016
% Hike

So the increase in IDA wef 01.10.2016 will be between 5.3 % to 7.6 %

If you want to share your view(s)/comment(s)/experience(s)/suggestion(s) on “Dearness Allowance hike” based on AICPIN (IW) for CPSU employees or Industrial workers then do not hesitate to share that through the comments box provided below.

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Dayanand said...

Good news!

Expected DA increase in DA will be around 6 % from October 2016.

M Murthy said...

has this been announced yet officially or ..?

Rajan Patel said...

Hike between 6 % to 7 % in DA is a good move, surely we will get excellent amount of our new Basic Pay settled which is likely to be due from 01/01/2017.

Arun Bhattacharya said...

increase in our dearness allowance is a welcome step ahead of our pay revision for CPSU.

Himanshu Raj said...

My current basic is Rs 16400. How much salary will be increased after this dearness allowance increased?

santosh said...

Hike In expected IDA wef. October 2016 within the range of 5.6% to 6.3% will be helpful in increasing the Revision of wage due wef 01.01.2017

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