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Good News for Indian Railway passengers is arrived today. Appearance and browsing functionality of official train enquiry website i.e. www.TrainEnquiry.com to get train related information has been changed recently. The new look of the Train Enquiry website is more informative than that of its previous version. Now you can reduce your waiting time by tracking your train’s exact location and arrival time. You can try without hesitation new version of train enquiry website which helps you in locating your train just in seconds. This new version is up to date and rail passengers are able to get more accurate train running information. Latest version of TrainEnquiry website is currently being operated in beta mode (so that any errors, bugs, if found, would be resolved early) and it is assumed that ever waiting full-fledge working official release of the site would be made available in a few weeks. New look of TrainEnquiry.com is being welcomed by lots of rail users | passengers.

Necessity for Updating TrainEnquiry.com Website

By this time you all know it that currently TrainEnquiry.com is the official online interface for finding Indian Railway’s train related information such as online railway timetable for Indian Railways, running train time table, train arrivals, train departures, train late info etc. For its endeavors by the Indian Railways, earlier, Enhanced National Train Enquiry System (Indian Railways) has won National Award for e-Governance 2010-2011 for Innovative use of ICT by PSUs for customer’s benefits. But due to latest technological changes and growing internet users in India, customer’s expectations are increased to a great extent. Common people wanted simple, fast and better interface for knowing current train running information. So Indian Railway’s National Train Enquiry System (NTES) was to prepare itself for a new look and functionality of the TrainEnquiry.com website to meet the modern days requirements. So “National Train Enquiry System” is now more tuned to meet the needs of modern day’s Indian Railways hi-tech passengers and their expectations of the best online user interface. In this connection on 19-Oct-2011 simran.in was also launched to provide real time train running information for few important trains. And this time, Indian Railways, had made significant changes in its TrainEnquiry.com website for providing more informative result in just a few seconds.

Features of Newly-Arrived TrainEnquiry.com Site

I have visited new version of TrainEnquiry.com today itself and found more user friendly as it has many advanced features meeting today’s requirements, some of them are listed here,
  • Faster, convenient and easy to navigate.
  • Improved Search Capability – Remembering train numbers could become a thing in the past.
  • Information consistency – now much better insights into train | station related information.
  • Powered by more intelligent and robust train-timing prediction engine.
  • Personalization capabilities for fast reuse.
  • Reduced clutter associated with unwanted broadcasts/advertisements
TrainEnquiry.com search trains

Newly-Designed TrainEnquiry.com is Currently in Beta Phase

On opening the page at www.trainenquiry.com/searchtrain.aspx, it first says it that they are opening up this new version of TrainEnquiry.com for a limited Beta leading up to an official release in a few weeks. You have been selected by Indian Railways to get a first look at this newly designed site. The page further says it that, if you choose to accept this offer, this new version will be activated for your future visits to TrainEnquiry.com.
With this beta release of site, it is expected that you should help the TrainEnquiry.com new version developers by submitting any errors | bugs | suggestions you would experience while using the site. You can send your feedback | comments | suggestions, if any, for the betterment of the new release of TrainEnquiry.com through feedback page of TrainEnquiry.com.
You will have the option to switch back to the older version during the Beta phase. This clearly indicates it that the newly-designed TrainEnquiry website is now in beta phase and soon after completing the testing phase, the full release would definitely be made available for rail users.
TrainEnquiry.com facilitates journeys by allowing passengers of Indian Railways to search and find information associated with the trains running across the country. Information such as train time table, live running status | position of a train, coach position etc. is available with a simple search.

Search for specific train

For searching any specific train you have to type one of the following in the search box:
  • 5 Digit train number
    (e.g. 12589, 01493, etc.)
  • Train Name
    (e.g. Gitanjali, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai Rajdhani, etc.)
  • From and To Station Codes | Names
    (e.g. Raipur to Bilaspur, AK to NJP, etc.)
  • Intermediate Station Name
    (e.g. Mumbai to Allahabad to Howrah etc.)

Select the Appropriate Train

To see the details you are interested in, select the specific train by clicking on the highlighted box from the search results.

Select the exact train

Select the exact train to get more details based on:
  • Start date from the originating station,
  • The previous and next stops.

Current Train Status Details

TrainEnquiry.com will then fetch the following details about your train
  • Current Status of the Train
    (on-time, delayed, reached destination, etc)
  • Last location | updated time of the train
  • Next two stops and the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Previous two stops and the departure time

TrainEnquiry.com on Tablets & Smart-Phones

This newly-arrived TrainEnquiry.com is accessible also through today’s devices like Tablet PCs and Smart-Phones.

Does TrainEnquiry.com provide Accurate Train Information

TrainEnquiry.com tries its best to provide us most accurate train related information but it is suggested to observe the following facts too:
  • Information provided through TrainEnquiry.com website is collected by CRIS in near real-time from all cross the country. The Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) is determined using predictive algorithms. The information is presented on best-effort basis.
  • While TrainEnquiry.com continually try to improve its reliability and accuracy, passengers are advised to verify the information from the concerned railway station or local, authorized railway sources, as necessary.
  • Please be aware that you are using a new version of TrainEnquiry.com, which is in beta testing phase. Therefore, you may also wish to consult the older version of TrainEnquiry.com.
  • If you believe that the information received through TrainEnquiry.com website did not meet the expectation of accuracy and reliability you have, please, provide feedback through the form available on the site. This would help TrainEnquiry.com serve you better.

RailYatri.in powers to New Version of TrainEnquiry.com

It is displayed in the New Version of TrainEnquiry.com site that it is powered by RailYatri.in- a website devoted to provide information on:
enquiry about IRCTC and Indian Railways train reservation between important stations, fare, schedule, route information, etc.

Getting Running Train Status from
old version of TrainEnquiry.com

If you still love to view train running status from old version of site, you can view the trick that I had written last year to find live train running information, view the trick here:
Hoping you have now got much about newly launched TrainEnquiry website. I suggest you to view this new site of TrainEnquiry enabled with new features and send them feedback, if you think so. Sending feedback to site TrainEnquiry would be better for the rail passengers also to track their trains through TrainEnquiry.com’s upcoming releases.
So plan your journey after accessing real time train information online through newly-launched TrainEnquiry.com at www.trainenquiry.com/searchtrain.aspx
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trainenquiry.com user said...

The new train enquiry beta site is rocking, awesome. The searching of trains has been made easiest ever interface. In no time I found my train name. I think, first time, railway enquiry website is making use of AJAX based technique to speed up the response time for searching trains. This way the arrival of result is almost instantly.
But, the only thing I disliked is that new train enquiry website provides current train running status for a train for previous and next two stoppages only. In my opinion, they should give option to view train running status for all the stoppages like source station, destination station and all the intermediate stations. Actually in previous train enquiry website this facility was available to get a full chart for viewing running train status.
The feedback page of new train enquiry dont confirm us if the feedback entered is successfully saved in the database of train enquiry website.

M N Singh said...

It is shit that complete information you cant get all train arriving & depoarture to the station passing for next 24 hours....
as frequent traveller has to waste time in this.....

irctc pnr status said...

Nice tips to share to know about train tracking in simple way.Thanks.

Online Grocery Shopping Hyderabad said...

Travelers can make use of remaining time for other tasks,when info about train arr/dep is tracked and known.

Pnr Status Online said...

It was very helpful article about train enquiry. You have solved many problems with it. Many Thanks.

Satya Prakash Prasad said...

n the older version it was easy to track the train with respect to the boarding station as to what should be the expected time of arrival...what time the train has left the station even in case of 8-9hrs before...but the new site provide info of specific location not in old relative way,,,

status of pnr said...

Really such a nice info about train enquiry. I liked it and bookmarked for my future references.

Thanks for sharing!

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