Foxit PDF Reader : Tiny Fastest Best PDF File Viewer

PDF (Portable Document Format) is, these days, widely used file format for viewing | printing | exchanging information over the internet. PDF File Format was originally developed by Adobe Systems in 1993 just to make PDF file system used in a manner independent of application software, hardware and operating systems. So, a PDF Reader is now an essential software for every computer, laptop. PDF Reader was firstly created by Adobe and named as Adobe Reader and is popular till date. But using Adobe Reader has one disadvantage i.e. it takes little more time in loading on a slow computers thereby computer users feel inconvenient in opening | viewing PDF files.

So today, I am telling you about Foxit Reader used globally for viewing PDF Files.

Foxit Reader for PDF Files : Fastest Lightweight Best PDF File Viewer

Foxit Reader is one of the most popular alternates to Adobe Reader. This PDF reader is fast, lightweight, safe and secure. Foxit PDF Reader allows you to open, view, print and read any PDF files quickly. This PDF Reader uses very little memory, which is especially important for computers having low memory. The Foxit PDF Reader is fully packed with easy to use and most convenient viewing, editing and printing features which make document management easy. This PDF Reader has got security features as well.

Foxit Reader is the Fastest and Tiniest Free Application Software for viewing PDF Files and is used widely by Over 130 Million Users. The file load time for PDF files is awesome for Foxit PDF Reader. We have checked and concluded it that the PDF file load time for Foxit reader is very less compared to its rival Adobe PDF Reader. This is one of the best reasons for computer users to get his Adobe reader replaced with Foxit reader.

Important features of Foxit PDF Reader

The easy to use Foxit PDF Reader has been equipped with uniquely feature rich, bloat free and fast. Foxit Reader is customizable, secure and easy to deploy on all Windows based systems as compared to Adobe reader.
  • Fast: Foxit reader has opens PDF files fast so you do not have to wait forever to read PDF Files.
  • LightWeight: Foxit Reader uses less system resource so that your system does not hang etc.
  • Secure: This PDF Reader protects your computer from getting infected by viruses thereby protects your sensitive information.
  • A Platform: You can also extend the Reader by creating your own Value Added Capabilities for internal use or for resale.
Hence, The Foxit Reader is the Smallest, Fastest, Tiniest, LightWeight, Secure and Feature Rich PDF Viewer that allows you to Open, View and Print any PDF File.

Foxit Reader for PDF Files : Fastest Lightweight Best PDF File Viewer

By this time, you might felt it that you should download Foxit reader for your computer | laptop | Mobile etc. So, here are the quickest links to download Foxit reader. You can download Foxit PDF reader by browsing either of the links given here.

Do provide us your valuable Feedback on the usage of Foxit PDF Reader which is undoubtedly the Best PDF Reader.

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