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Indian Railways is Asia’s largest rail network. About 30 million railway passengers travel daily in 10,000+ trains running across the country. Railway network in India is like a big net spread widely across the country making Indian Railways a complex system. So train running information system in India plays a vital role for Indian railways passengers, general public and worried relatives of the train travelers.

Necessity of GPS based Train Tracking System

Indian Railways has continuously been improving its services related to train running information to rail users | passengers | travelers. In fact some years ago Railways has already added internet based Enhanced National Train Enquiry System to provide train running information besides its manual (telephonic) train enquiry system. Currently online train running status is viewed widely over the internet using Enhanced National Train Enquiry System for almost all the passenger trains running in India. Two shortcut methods to track train online have already been described in my previous post related to railway live train running status trick to view online train position. Since currently accessible Train Running Information viewed at Indian railway website is primarily dependent on manual feeding of train positional data with time, it has certain limitations. So to overcome this situation usage of Advanced Communication and Information Technology such as GPS based train tracking system was felt.

Launching of Satellite based Train Running Information

To fulfill latest customer expectations, recently, the Real Time Train Information System (RTIS) project was started by Indian Railways on October 19, 2011. This Real Time Train Information System (RTIS) project is actually train enquiry system based on GPS which provides accurate train running information to rail passengers | general public. Through this new online train running position, rail passengers can also know about current speed of running train, next stoppage station with remaining distance in km, nearest approaching or recently passed intermediate railway station and much more. Through Real Time Train Information System passengers | travelers | public can easily know current train position, train running location i.e. if train is running right time (RT) or if train is running late (LT) too.

What actually is Real Time Train Information System

Real Time Train Information System (RTIS) project is based on SIMRAN and has jointly been developed by Indian Railways and IIT Kanpur. SIMRAN stands for Satellite IMaging for RAil Navigation. As RTIS is based on satellite, so accurate tracking of running train is easily possible for rail travelers. Real Time Train Information System is able to provide accurate train running information on a single click of mouse button on your computer or laptop or through a SMS sent from your mobile. Seeing this advanced features, RTIS will be welcomed by rail passengers as it was an important demand for a long lime. This new running train position system will replace the currently train running information system. Introduction of SIMRAN in Indian Railways is a revolutionary step which would bring a big turnaround in representing correct online live information on train timetable of running trains.

Where do you find Real Time Train Running Information

SIMRAN.IN is the website through which newly launched Real Time Train Running Information can be accessed to get live train running status of desired train. Now first phase of Real Train Information System (RTIS) for general public is available on Pilot Basis to access at the website In first phase of RTIS one can track real time live position of only few important trains which are train number 12003 | 12304 Lucknow - New Delhi Shatabdi Express, train number 12301 | 12302 Howrah - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (via Gaya Junction), train number 12305 | 12306 Howrah - New Delhi Rajdhani Express (via Patna Junction), train number 12313 | 12314 Sealdah - New Delhi Rajdhani Express, train number 12951 | 12952 Mumbai Central - New Delhi Rajdhani Express and train number 12953 | 12954 Mumbai Central – Nizamuddin A K Rajdhani Express. To access live real time train position data of above trains SMS service is also available on 09415139139. You can SMS Train Number only to get the latest position of desired train. Alternatively, you can access train status on your internet enabled mobile phone or in your laptop | PC at the website

How to get Real Time Train Running Information (RTIS) at

One can easily get Real Time Train Running Information (RTIS) using one of the methods given below:
  1. Live Train Running Information on your Computer | Laptop | Smart-Phone:

    • Just type in the address bar of your internet browser: and press enter.
    • Here you will get a webpage displaying a list of running trains along with their online live status.
    • SIMRAN.IN HomePage
    • Click on the Train Number you want to look further.
    • Finally you have detailed station by station updated time table of the train as shown below.
    • Running Train Status of 12301 at SIMRAN.IN
  2. Train Running Position through SMS:

    • For current train position through SMS simply send a text message "<train number>" to mobile number 09415139139.
    • For example a passenger seeking current train position of train number 12004 would simply send 12004 to mobile number 09415139139.
    • One actual SMS reply received from 09415139139 is:
      On 19/10/2011 10:00, Train 12004 N Delhi – Lucknow Shat. is running at 129 kmph near Bharthana, 126 km from KANPUR CENTRAL. Presently Right on time
Ministry of Railways has approved to implement RTIS for tracking all trains, passenger trains and freight trains too. The complete RTIS project is scheduled to be completed by December 2012. Hopefully we will enjoy this new real time train running information system in the year 2013, until that time we can get running position of only selected trains at the website
So enjoy accessing real time train running status online
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Amarnath said...

SIMRAN.IN is the best place to track online running status of trains on real time basis. But at present we can view train running information of only some of the important Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express Trains.
We do hope Indian Railways will soon make Real Time Train Running Information Service available for all the trains. Thank you railways.

Bihari said...

Really I am delighted the site SIMRAN.IN provides us EXACT TRAIN RUNNING INFORMATION. But we have to wait for some time for making this online train enquiry facility available for all RUNNING TRAINS.

SIMRAN.IN latest update said...

Hi all!
SIMRAN.IN has extended the number of trains for which the site shows us EXACT TRAIN RUNNING INFORMATION.
As per the latest information received so far, we can now anytime check live train running location | running train timetable of the following trains:
12001, 12002, 12003, 12004, 12005, 12006, 12011, 12012, 12013, 12014, 12017, 12018, 12033, 12034, 12235, 12236, 12423, 12424, 12435, 12436, 22423, 22424, 12301, 12302, 12305, 12306, 12313, 12314, 12431, 12432, 12951, 12952, 12953, 12954, 12259, 12260.

Hence happy travelling using train enquiry website: SIMRAN.IN


As per Decision of Railway Board in a meeting held on 11/Sep/2012 at Railway Board this site has been closed on 1/Oct/2012. SMS Service which was running on 09415139139 is also closed. User might use regular Indian Railways Enquiry Systems. Railway SMS Service No is 139.
Sorry for inconvenience.

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