Izzat Monthly Season Ticket Travel Distance Increased

Izzat monthly season ticket scheme’ was initially introduced to travel up to a distance of 100 km. Indian Railways announced that as per the latest railway budget, the travel distance under Izzat monthly season ticket (MST) scheme has been increased from 100 km to 150 km with effect from June 1, 2012. Moreover, Indian Railways also announced that other terms and conditions for Izzat monthly season ticket scheme shall remain unchanged. The enhancement of traveling distance from 100 km to 150 km will be allowable on IZZAT monthly season tickets (MSTs) issued on and after June 1, 2012. So the travel distance would be limited to 100 km only in case of IZZAT monthly season tickets (MSTs) already issued before June 1, 2012. According to Railways, the low cost ‘Izzat' monthly season ticket scheme costs only Rupees 25 (inclusive of all surcharges) and is issued to persons working in unorganized sectors with monthly income up to Rupees 1,500.

What is ‘Izzat’ Monthly Season Ticket?

Izzat Monthly Season Ticket was announced by then Minister of Railways, Mamata Banerjee, while presenting Railway Budget 2009-10. Railways has decided to introduce a new scheme of uniformly priced monthly season tickets (MSTs) at Rupees 25 (twenty five) inclusive of all surcharges to persons working in unorganized sector with monthly income up to rupees 1500 (fifteen hundred). This new monthly season tickets scheme is known as “Izzat”. Izzat monthly season tickets (MSTs) are being issued for journeys with effect from 01.08.2009. Izzat Monthly Season Ticket is currently issued up to a distance of 100 kilometers. As per Indian Railways, izzat tickets are sold in lakhs across the country thereby giving relief to the poor and needy daily rail travelers. The popularity of the Izzat scheme is being increased across the country among poor and needy daily rail passengers.

How to get ‘Izzat’ MST issued

‘Izzat’ montly season tickets (MSTs) will be issued on production of income certificate of the applicant from any one of the following:
  • District Magistrate.
  • Sitting Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha for persons of their own constituency.
  • BPL Card or any other certificate issued by Central Government under a recognized poverty alleviation programme.
  • Union Minister may also recommend to Divisional Railway Managers (DRMs) for issue of ‘Izzat’ MSTs for any persons from any where in the country. DRMs would then authorize the concerned Station Manager/Station Master to issue such MSTs.
  • Sitting Member of Parliament of Rajya Sabha may also recommend to the DRMs for issue of the ‘Izzat’ MSTs for the persons of the district in which these MPs normally reside. DRMs would then authorize the concerned Station Manager/Station Master to issue such MSTs.
  • The DRMs would also be empowered under exceptional circumstances to issue the income certificate.
The income certificate would be valid for two years from the date of issue. The income certificate issued by District Magistrate, Sitting MP of Lok Sabha, and DRMs would have to be on Format “A” and the letter of recommendations issued to DRMs by the Union Ministers or MPs of Rajya Sabha would have to be on “Format”B”. Format”A” and Format “B” are enclosed herewith. These would have to be issued on the Letter Head of the issuing authority.

The monthly season tickets will be issued by the Station Master on collection of the photo copy of the income certificate and should be preserved for future reference, but at the time of issue of ticket, the Original income certificate should also be inspected. Railways will print new series of “Izzat” monthly season tickets priced at Rs. 25/- for this purpose on the format of existing MSTs. Railways will take adequate steps to check fraudulent use of this facility.

How to use Izzat Ticket Scheme

As per the rules, Izzat Scheme must be used by poor and needy rail travelers. But railways has also received complaints about misuse of Izzat season ticket particularly by those whose monthly income was more than rupees 1500. So to avoid misuse of Izzat scheme, Railways has made a little change in the rules to benefit the genuine poor beneficiaries. Railways has now made it mandatory for each ‘Izzat’ MST scheme beneficiary to carry photo identity card or an attested copy of the income certificate issued by the DM or MP while in journey in trains. Passengers must show these documents to ticket checking staff if asked in course of ticket checking.
We hope poor and needy people in India would take advantage of this increased distance limit from 100 km to 150 km under Izzat scheme. In India, poor and needy people eligible for Izzat scheme don’t get advantage of the scheme due to unknowingness. So do share this information among the eligible needy people that under Izzat MST scheme the traveling distance limit is now enhanced from 100 km to 150 km.

If you know more information or news on Izzat scheme then share it. Further, we request you to put your suggestions | comments | views on Izzat monthly ticketing scheme through the comments form below.

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Anonymous said...

Ticket issuing staffs of Kuzhithurai railway station, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu under Thiruvananthapuram Central Division refuse to give izzat monthly season ticket in seniority and so that izzat MST passengers wait for plenty of hours, sometimes they ask to come on another day! Railway Authorities and Divisional Manager please cosider this as a request from Indian Poors and take immediate action.

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